Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Six Months Christian (Part Two):

Christian is the most content baby. He smiles with his entire face and is simply over-joyed to see his family around him. He does not sleep well, but he makes up for that with how pleasant he is during the day. At six months old, Christian is sitting up with minimal support, commando scooting a few inches at a time, chewing on everything, and eating baby food. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and fruit are his favorites. We love you baby boy and I can not imagine my life without your precious and magical smile to light up my days and nights!!!

January 2015

Proudest Big Sister Ever.

Precious Boy. Sleeps like an angel all DAY long. HA!

Big kids enjoying a day at the museum while Poppy and Lola watch baby brother.
February 2015
A good sibling pic is IMPOSSILBE when your children are ages 2, 1 and four weeks. At least the little one survived.

Prettiest boy ever. Loved those night time snuggles. He never had the typical fussy baby stage!

Third baby. Momma was preoccupied with #1 and #2 and found sweet, precious #3 sound asleep. Never happened with #1 or #2.

Never have to worry about entertaining - he has an awesome big brother and big sister to do that!!

Love him

Daddy's big helper.

And Momma's big helper! Everyone needs a three or four year old when they have an infant. Seriously!

It snowed. I couldn't be out with a four week old for a long period of time. So we brought the snow inside!


Such a BOY MOVE there. HA!

C's first snow. Thrilled. Totally Thrilled.

And because it's Texas....this also happened in February...
March 2015

This really is all about you, Christian. See, this is real life. While you are being chill, your older brother and sister are running around and making life very interesting for you.
Big sister gave up naps last summer. So she gets to do fun things while the boys nap. Like mess up my kitchen with play doh and "help" me cook. I actually love it.
This is how we do walks sometimes. Looks like grand fun, huh??
Ahhhh. Now that's better.

Excited to see both my boys rolling in the leaves next year!

Cutest baby ever.

Cutest kids ever.

Hand holding....makes my heart sing - while I whisper "please don't hit him, please don't hit him" under my breath.

Kid smiles with his whole face!

Just taking a nap with St. Francis. #Catholickid (and some flower petals, maybe?!?)

"I was hungry mommy."

First trip to the botanical gardens.

"No more pictures!" But he's just so darn cute and I don't think he'll fit in that outfit another week!

We grew grass in our little homeschool preschool. Seed life cycle has come to life!

Matching Babies. Get ready boys - there's LOTS more of that to come!
April 2015
I love how much Felicity loves Christian. They absolutely delight in each other. And TJ and Christian are going to be best brothers. They are going to fight, but I know they are going love even more.

My heart is melting. I'm having those crazy baby thoughts right now. Someone send me a screaming baby, stat!


May 2015

Planting flowers with Mommy.

We bathe all three together in the big tub. They do great and enjoy it!

No baby was injured in the taking of this picture. He was actually laughing and rolling all over the place.

My oh so precious family. Thank you God for them!

Cracks me up how John holds Christian. Poor kid is just dangling.
June 2015
As you can see, Founder's Plaza at the airport is one of our favorites.

Early bird snuggles.

Bare booty dinosaur sighting.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Loves his sis.

July 2015

I simply can't believe six months has come and gone so fast. We love our sweet Christian so very much!

Happy six months buddy!
Sweetest little squish-squish ever.

My Three Amigos. My heart!